Charles Lieberman was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, where he still resides today. By day he's a writer/professional spin artist for a Manhattan-based mat service, while in his off-time he haunts numerous blogs, message boards, and Usenet communities under the names "calieber" and "Hershele Ostropoler." He enjoys fine wine, good books, and the Food Network. His turn-offs include leafy green vegetables, most human contact, and the music of Zamfir, master of the panflute. He was once surgically disemboweled, but will pretend that's not all that impressive.

Gena Radcliffe is a recent transplant to Brooklyn, by way of Atlantic City, Baltimore, and Las Vegas. She is a data researcher and a writer who is perpetually just minutes away from stardom. Her personal blog, It's a Good Life if You Don't Weaken, has been clogging up precious bandwidth space for nearly five glorious years. She has also been surgically disemboweled, but not nearly in such a spectacular fashion as Charles.

Charles can be contacted directly at, while Gena can be reached at Gena is more likely to reply.