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March 02, 2006



what character means--



Dee Love

When are we going to start banning books just because they suck and perpetuate sloppy, boring, overwraught or banal writing? I for one would love to see most of Dicken's collection removed from school libraries, along with Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet and Julius Caesar.

And for fuck's sake...My Side of the Mountain and Hatchet need to go. I cannot stress this further.

Charles A. L.

I read somewhere that at the time, people were expecxted to think Romeo and Juliet got what they deserved for defying parental authority.

And I loved My Side of the Mountain. To this day the only exception to my dislike of the outdoors is forests.

Dee Love

I thought they got what they deserved for being flimsy dim-witted characters. But yeah, I can see that defying parental authority thing. Shame they had to go and mix that Mercutio chap up in their drama. It's like MySpace or some shit. Damn.

Yeah, we cannot discuss the MSotM. I had the author come speak at my school, and I got in trouble for telling 'em they "wouldn't know how to write if God blessed them with divine writer abilities" No joke. I think i was like 9 or something.

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