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April 07, 2006


Stephanie B.

He's(Yeagley) the same guy who went hysterical over Janet/Justin debacle two years ago. He said among other things:

"Jackson and Timberlake should therefore be charge with a mass felony, and immediately convicted, and fined, and sentenced to appropriate jail time. The penalty should be in accordance with the number of people affected. Now, is it only the people in the Houston stadium that saw it, or also all the people of the state of Texas, or all the people in the United States and in the world who saw it on TV? Well, this is clearly beyond calculation"

"Around white societies, some "black" people apparently have doubts about their sexual desirability. They still feel unaccepted, and unwanted, so in the name of "equality," they're determined to assert their bodies as sexually desirable. They want to force themselves in everyone's face, like it or not.

That's what Janet Jackson's recent episode at the Super Bowl was all about. She broadcast her private body part in the most dramatic way, in the world's face. Moreover, it was a white man, Justin Timberlake, that played the partof desiring her "black" body. Therefore, the message was loud and clear. "See?! Everyone wants my body! Especially the white man! I just proved it!'"

He blamed Janet for the situation then. Now the recent rape victim is his target. Who's next on his hit list? He has written an article on his blog regarding Paula Abdul. He's nuts but millions of Americans held the same views as does Yeagley. Check out the many conservative blogs to see for yourself.

Have a nice day!

Stephanie B.

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